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What Are Allen Dulles quotes?

What Are Allen Dulles Quotes?

If you’ve seen Steven Spielberg’s 2015 film Bridge of Spies starring Tom Hanks or read the recent book by David Talbot, The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government, you would know that Allen Dulles was quite a controversial figure in US history.

Who Was Allen Dulles

Allen Dulles held the post of Director of Central Intelligence for the longest in CIA history (he led the CIA for eight years). Dulles was the first civilian to hold this post which was previously held by those with a military background. As he was leading the CIA during the Cold War, he was one of the most instrumental figures who shaped US foreign policy in the 1950s. He did not limit his influence to US foreign policy, he also had a significant role in some of the chaotic political upheavals in South America, Iran and Germany.

Under Dulles, the CIA had led covert operations to overthrow democratically elected government of Mohammed Mossadegh in favour of Shah Reza Pahlavi using sophisticated methods of bribery, extortion, supporting pro-Shah rebels and espionage. They carried out a similar coup in Guatemala in 1954. These coups set the blueprints to many future ‘regime change’ operations by the US to cement their power in world politics.

The Bay of Pigs

Dulles is most infamous for his failed mission to oust Fidel Castro, the leader of Cuba’s communist party. The operation named Bay of Pigs was conducted just after John F Kennedy became president of the United States. It involved an army of Cuban exiles with US backing landing on the shores of Cuba’s Bay of Pigs and attempting to create an uprising with the intention of deposing Fidel Castro. The mission was a complete disaster as the Cubans were aware of the arrival at the Bay of Pigs and due to poor planning and execution by the US. The failed mission effectively ended Dulles’s time as the head of the CIA after John F Kennedy removed him from the post. The event had a disastrous effect on US-Latin American foreign relations.  Here is more on that.

He also drew controversy during his early career during the period shortly after World War Two where he supposedly helped Nazis who could be useful to US interests in the Cold War avoid prosecution for their crimes. Dulles started off as Deputy director of the CIA and in no time was promoted to be its director. He had tremendous influence over how the CIA would be run after President Truman established the National Security Act.

One of the more sinister revelations about Allen Dulles was his involvement with MK Ultra, a covert mind control research project that toyed with using drugs such as LSD on subject under interrogations.

Foreign Governments

Dulles was heavily involved in ousting numerous foreign heads of state including those of Iran and Guatemala. Under Dulles, the US had a habit of supporting any dictatorial regime that shared the US’s hatred of communism. Dulles however saved most of his contempt towards the Soviets.

The Warren Commission

Talbot’s book also had some major revelations about Dulles’ role in the Warren Commission which oversaw the investigation into the assassination of then US president John F Kennedy. Talbot’s book implies that Dulles was pivotal in the “whitewashing’’ of the official investigation, noting that the alleged perpetrator Lee Harvey Oswald was also killed shortly after and faced no trial.

Allen Dulles was not shy about lying as the Director of Central Intelligence. In de-classified documents on the Warren Commission, Dulles had stated that the directors of the CIA or FBI can lie to anyone bar the president to protect the identities of undercover agents.

The conversation in the documents centered around the question of whether then US president J. Edgar Hoover and John A. McCone (Dulles’s successor) would honestly answer if Lee Harvey Oswald had any involvement with the FBI or CIA. Dulles said that both the J Edgar Hoover and McCone would deny that Lee Harvey Oswald had any involvement with the CIA.

There is no doubt however that no matter how controversial Allen Dulles was, he was a pioneer of sorts. He managed to use secret operations and clever espionage tactics to manipulate foreign policy to the best interest of the US, accusations the US are still facing with recent ‘regime change’ wars.

Dulles drew major criticism for his involvement in ‘unethical’ social experiments, his aggressive anti-communism and his manipulation of CIA operations to depose democratically elected foreign governments.

What Are John Henry Newman Prayers?

What Are John Henry Newman Prayers?

John Henry Newman lived between 1801 to 1890 as a theologian and a poet. He understands what it means to serve as a priest in both the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches. It was in the Catholic Church where he made his mark.  Starting out as a simple priest, John Henry Newman later became a cardinal.  He started his education at Oxford University and it was here he became enthralled with the traditions of the Anglican Church.

In the 1840’s he left the Anglican Church and joined the Catholic Church and it was here that he would spend his career.  He was instrumental in the founding of the Catholic University of Ireland which evolved into University College Dublin, today the largest university in Ireland.

Nationally known by the 1830s, this Roman Catholic theologian was the eldest son of a London banker.

He made a mark as far as religious history goes in England and is made the more famous by his prayers. So, what are John Henry Newman prayers and what do they mean? The prayers are already popular on their own so, an attempt will be made to understand what it is meant to achieve. Following are some of John Henry Newman’s prayers.

The Mission of My Life:

This is one of the most popular works of John Henry Newman. It has a deep meaning that tries to explain why men should not question God’s plan for their lives. According to the author, there is a reason why he was created even when he does not understand it himself. He does not believe that suffering in the form of sickness among others is a sign of rejection by God. Instead, he embraces the belief that God knows all things and has a perfect plan which may not be revealed to him now but in the next life. Regardless of what comes his way, he decides to remain a preacher of the truth.

Prayer For The Light of Truth

This prayer is simply asking God for the grace to make the right choices not because they are easy but for the simple reason that it is the proper thing to do. He begins by asking for forgiveness of his wrongdoings. He does not ask with certainty that God will absolve him of his sins. The prayer is a simple plea for God to forgive him because he has the power to do so. He also asks for God’s grace and enlightenment of the darkness that he finds himself in.

Prayer For A Happy Death

John Henry Newman accepts the fact that death is an inevitable end that men experience. He simply prays for sufficient grace to support him in the hour of his death. Newman hopes that when the time comes he will be met by glorious Saints smiling at him and his personal Angel whisper to him words of peace. He does not forget to ask for the smile of Mary that will make the hour of his death a happy one. Newman also expects the absolving words to be said over him at the time of his death as he desires to live in the Lord’s faith, church, service and love.

Lead Kindly Light

In the dark of night, John Henry Newman prays for the Kindly Light to lead him. While he makes this prayer, he emphasizes that his worry is not to learn about what the future holds, but a simple understanding of what step needs to be taken next. He goes on to pray that the past years when he wanted to know about the future rather than commit it to God’s hands be forgotten. Newman believes that with the blessing of God’s power he will be led in the right direction until the night is gone. And when the morning comes, the smile of the Angels is what he wishes to see.

A Daily Prayer

This prayer by John Henry Newman is short and expected to be said daily. The essence is to gain the support of God all through the day in all that he does before nightfall. He prays for the peace to go about without getting drowned in the bustling of the world and the fever of being involved with so many things at once. The prayer ends with a plea that at the end of everything, that the mercy of God is our portion to guarantee us holy peace and rest.

Cardinal John Henry Newman wrote many prayers and hymns to remind men of the need to embrace God and trust in His ways. There is a prayer for every occasion from the hour of death to daily prayer for God’s guidance in all that we do. He may long be gone but his prayers remain with us as a reminder of what needs to be done.