The triumph and tragedy of 1989

The year 1979 marked the beginning of the end for communism. In January, Deng Xiaoping, having seized power just weeks before, began the economic reforms that would remake Chinese communism. On June 2, 1979, Pope John Paul II returned for his first papal visit to Poland with a more ambitious agenda. He wanted the Soviet communism in his homeland, and throughout Europe, utterly destroyed. Continue reading

Instead of legalizing euthanasia, try improving Canadian palliative care

Justin Trudeau’s blundering about abortion has drawn attention to whether those at the very dawn of life ought to be within the circle of common concern, welcomed in love and protected in law. But while Trudeau speaks about future hypothetical votes on abortion, the federal Parliament is currently considering whether the elderly, frail and disabled belong to the circle of common concern as they approach the end of life. Continue reading

The PC Party of Alberta is sorry — for everything

- in Calgary, Alberta -

The Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta is sorry. Very sorry. Which is fitting, for they have become a sorry sight.

They still remain a formidable force, now savouring their fifth decade in government. They may have lost their values and their way — according to their own leader — but they have not lost their instinct for holding power. Continue reading