Prayer, sport and whose side is God on?

Super Bowl Sunday marks the end of the football season and a look back at the year that was. On the field it was the year of the quarterback, with Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Matthew Stafford, Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers all putting up eye-popping numbers. Off the field, the chatter was about one quarterback, Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos. Continue reading

An unwelcome spectacle

The Shafia murder trial – four victims, three alleged killers – is concluding. And what a strange experience it has been for those of us who live in this city.

The Shafia family – both victims and alleged killers are from the same family – has a tenuous connection to Kingston, Ontario. Immigrants from Afghanistan to Canada, the Shafias are a wealthy family that previously lived in Kabul and Dubai before settling in Montreal. Kingston is not their kind of place. They were returning from Niagara Falls to Montreal, and Kingston was a convenient place to stop. If they had stopped instead near the Trent River or perhaps the St. Lawrence, instead of the Rideau Canal at Kingston Mills, this whole strangeness would have been visited upon Peterborough or Cornwall. Continue reading

Fighting back against Obama’s divide-and-conquer approach

It’s rare that a bishop indicates publicly how he intends to vote. But recent events provoked just such a response in the United States.

President Barack Obama announced on Jan. 20 that his health care plan would require all employers to purchase health insurance for their employees which would cover contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs. While churches with a moral objection would be exempt, universities and hospitals would not be. The upshot would be that Catholic institutions would be forced to purchase products directly contrary to the dictates of a conscience properly formed by the teaching of the Church. Continue reading

The female screams we don’t want to hear

On Tuesday and Wednesday in these pages, my fellow National Post columnists took up the question of sex-selection abortions – i.e. the selective abortion of fetuses following a scan that reveals the sex of the child. Their debate followed the publication of an editorial in theCanadian Medical Association Journal calling for measures to limit the practice in Canada. My colleagues demonstrated that if Canada is to have the world’s most extreme abortion regime – permitting the practice at any time, including at full term, for any reason, fully taxpayer-funded – it is inconsistent to be squeamish about the motivations behind those abortions. Continue reading