The real democracy deficit

‘This election isn’t just an exercise in democracy,” said Michael Ignatieff on Saturday. “It will be about democracy itself.”

Later that day, Ignatieff appointed the Liberal candidate for the Toronto riding of Scarborough Rouge River. Incumbent Liberal MP Derek Lee had announced his retirement on Friday, indicating that his replacement would be announced on Saturday. A done deal. No nomination meeting. No open process. Continue reading

Openness to grace makes reconciliation possible

Michael O’Brien, the leading Catholic novelist in the English language, has sent millions of words into print. He has painted numerous sacred images which tell their own stories, pictures being worth thousands of words. Yet the words he spoke on March 28 at Saint Paul University in Ottawa had an uncommon power, for they were a personal testimonial of grace. Continue reading

Libya intervention brings no clarity to the duty of moral intervention

Canadians have entered another war. This time in Libya, along with a range of allies, led diplomatically by Europeans and Arabs, and militarily by the Americans.

The Holy Father was circumspect in his comments on March 20, saying that his heart was full of “trepidation” and “apprehension.” But should Pope Benedict have been celebrating this latest war instead? Continue reading

Freedom for Parliament’s ‘Seals’

Cries of ‘scandal’ have been flying thick and fast in Ottawa, as opposition parties posture in advance of a possible spring election. But can the Tories’ recent troubles really be described as true scandals -as opposed to mere controversies or indiscretions? In a week-long series, National Post contributors will try to define the elusive but all-important Sword, and explain why some scandals bring down governments, and others barely get remembered. Continue reading