Some ‘crimes’ deserve forgiveness

– in Halifax, Nova Scotia –
Here in Nova Scotia, there was a pardon issued that met with wide approval, even celebration, last week. It may be hard to believe, given that on Monday in Ottawa Stephen Harper was in full dudgeon about the pardon system. Too many pardons are being given out too easily, and just in case anyone missed the point, the Prime Minister inveighed against pardons not yet applied for, as in the case of Karla Homolka. Continue reading

The Pope and the press

Pope Benedict XVI was falsely accused two weeks ago by The New York Times. That same false charge was repeated and amplified in the National Post. The facts are now in, and even the Times has corrected itself by rewriting the story. Two weeks later, however, and despite its flaws, the story is reverberating around the world. Indeed, without the Times’ accusations, the sexual abuse story would not have dominated Holy Week as it did. Continue reading

Holy Saturday

For Christians, today is Holy Saturday — the day of the tomb.  It is a quiet day, a day to reflect on all that has just happened.

That first Good Friday must have been a loud and raucous affair, with residents and pilgrims in Jerusalem rushing around to get everything ready, for a festival was at hand.  In the middle of it all was that curious carpenter’s son from Nazareth, who created such a stir wherever he went.  He had fed the 5,000, and some reported that he had even raised a man from the dead in a nearby village. But on Good Friday morning, things were not going well for him.  He was on trial before the Romans and his life was on the line.  The Jerusalem crowd had turned against him and were calling for his death.  The order was given and soon he was carrying his cross throughout the narrow streets, amidst the heckling crowds. Continue reading