A rough decade for justice

Ten years ago the television series Due South went off the air. Don’t remember it? The first-ever Canadian-made series on an American network prime-time schedule, Due South was also one of the more popular series on Canadian television. The friendly Mountie in America was the premise, using Canadian politeness, cleverness and kindness to capture Chicago’s bad guys. Continue reading

Why make him a saint?

Regarding the decision to advance Pope Pius XII along the path to canonization, one of the world’s leading Vatican analysts put the question very simply: Why?

“Whether or not Pius was ‘silent’ on the Holocaust, the obvious question is: Why would the church want to make him a saint in the first place?” John L. Allen Jr. asked this week in the National Catholic Reporter. “There is, of course, abundant literature on the role of Pius XII during the Second World War, and plenty of reasonably neutral observers believe the evidence doesn’t support an indictment. To say that Pius XII was not ‘Hitler’s Pope,’ however, is hardly the same thing a placing a halo on his head. Lacking any clear sense of what the positive case might be for canonizing Pius XII, many people might reasonably ask that if sainthood is sure to offend a broad swath of Jewish opinion, and to create yet another black eye for the church in PR, why do it?” Continue reading

An unabashed Christmas show

– in Ottawa –

Earlier this week we published a comment on the “Christmas wars” — the annual battles between those who explicitly celebrate Christmas in our civic life and those who, in the name of an aggressive secularism, insist that everyone pretend that our “winter concerts” and “holiday parties” just coincidentally fall around the Christian festival formerly known as Christmas. Continue reading

The Vatican’s green gambit

On Tuesday, Pope Benedict XVI issued a strong message on the Christian obligation to be good stewards of creation, a message no doubt intended to encourage progress on environmental issues at the Copenhagen global-warming summit. Many other religious leaders – the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople, the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Dalai Lama – have made similar interventions in recent years. Continue reading