The most important Canadian in history

– in Quebec City –
This is Canada’s football weekend, and most eyes will be on Calgary for the Grey Cup on Sunday. Attentive readers will know that my attention will here in Quebec, for the university football championship Vanier Cup on Saturday. The Queen’s Golden Gaels, for whom I proudly serve as chaplain, will be taking on the University of Calgary Dinosaurs. Continue reading

Keep them in the game

The campus is still buzzing about one of the great football games in Ontario University Athletics (OUA) history, Saturday’s Yates Cup victory by the hometown Golden Gaels over the visiting University of Western Ontario Mustangs. As chaplain of our Queen’s football team, I had a privileged place on the sidelines to watch not only the OUA championship victory, but also the conclusion to a great quarterback rivalry stretching back five years. Continue reading

The Fort Hood double standard

Add Fort Hood to the list. It’s getting longer: New York, Washington, Jerusalem, Bali, Madrid, London, Bombay. It’s the list of places where, we are told, it is important to be vigilant about anti-Muslim activity.

The phenomenon is by now well-established. An apparent jihadist visits death and destruction upon innocents, motivated in part by a violent brand of Islamic extremism, and soon the violence becomes an apt occasion to raise awareness about the danger of anti-Muslim thoughts, words and deeds. Violence by Muslims has a unique ability to spur a Canadian prime minister, British royal, or, as was the case this time, the American secretary of homeland security, to sound the alarm about violence against Muslims. Continue reading