Icebreaker for liberty

Friends of Ezra Levant find themselves making the same phone call at least annually. We call to ask Ezra whether he has gone too far.  Maybe this time, Ezra, it would be wise to pull back a bit, take a lower profile, turn down the volume.  Don’t you know, Ezra, that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?  Ezra always listens, but holding back is not his way.  He knows that if you use gasoline instead of vinegar, you have a better chance of blowing the whole thing up. Continue reading

Goodbye, peace process; hello, ‘conflict management’

At Knesset meetings yesterday with recently elected members from Israel’s various parties, I heard more references to “conflict management” than I did to the “peace process.” That may well be good news: Those who follow Arab-Israeli affairs closely know that there has not been a peace process here for many years, at least in the sense that there is any discernible progress toward any plausible peace. It’s good to see that Israelis aren’t deluding themselves otherwise. Continue reading

Obama is no champion of science

The scientists were jubilant, as men are when dividing the spoils. On Monday, President Barack Obama signed an executive order making available federal funding for stem cell research that destroys human embryos. It was widely described, erroneously — even on the front page of the Post — as a reversal of George W. Bush’s “ban” on embryonic stem cell research (ESCR). Bush never banned ESCR; it has always been legal in the United States to create and destroy human embryos in order to harvest their stem cells. Bush only prevented federal funding from being used for embryo-destructive research. Continue reading

Too soft on police

My colleague Lorne Gunter is a friend and a journalist who follows the evidence wherever it leads, even if it hits close to home. It’s made him a one-man truth squad on climate change, health care and much else. And the evidence from the Robert Dziekanski inquiry in Vancouver led him to confess last Sunday that he was “very wrong” in defending the RCMP officers who pumped Mr. Dziekanski five times with a Taser, leaving him dead. Even though the inquiry is not complete, it is already clear that Mr. Dziekanski would be alive if the RCMP had not acted, as Mr. Gunter puts it, “rashly, hastily and excessively.” Continue reading