Firmness of furrows

WOLFE ISLAND, Ont. –  To the extent I had ever thought about ploughing fields, I thought of it more as a practical task rather than an aesthetic performance. I certainly never thought of it as a competitive venture. But this week’s Canadian Plowing Championships right here on Wolfe Island have taught me something new. Continue reading

A season of lies

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. – Baseball is a game of memories, but at the Hall of Fame there is some selective forgetting. This is the tenth anniversary of what might have been baseball’s greatest season — the 1998 campaign that featured the home run record being shattered by Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, and a New York Yankees team that almost won more games than any other. It was the season that saved baseball after the trauma of the 1994 labour dispute cancelled the World Series. Continue reading

Let the pretending begin

As the number eight is considered good luck in China, the Beijing Olympics are set to open on 8/8/08 at 8:08 p. m. It is fitting that a little superstition and credulity should kick off the whole affair, as nothing requires great pretending like the Olympics. The Beijing edition should raise that to, well, Olympian heights. Continue reading