Holding the justice system to a higher standard

The Premier of Ontario opened the door to a public inquiry into the wrongful conviction of Robert Baltovich yesterday. Given the alarming frequency of wrongful convictions — the Goudge Inquiry into several such cases involving disgraced pathologist Charles Smith wrapped up last month — perhaps there should be a standing office charged with exonerating the wrongfully convicted on a permanent basis. Continue reading

A land of martyrs

For decades, Beijing has spilled the blood of China’s religious believers

No doubt, the Chinese communists are looking forward to April 28, when the Olympic torch relay is set for Pyongyang. North Korea should prove to be a hospitable place for their intended global propaganda tour, now gone so horribly awry. Just yesterday in Pakistan, the torch relay was moved indoors to a sports stadium instead of using the main boulevard in front of Parliament. Today in New Delhi, the Indians have cut the relay short to avoid anti-China protests. Continue reading