The Man in White’s Burden

Who else but the pope can speak for Christianity?
Originally Published Online at National Review Online on Nov . 30, 2006.
Pope Benedict XVI’s last seven days have opened a window on the current state of Christian ecumenism. They have shown how far ecumenical relations between Christians have come, and yet how things have not turned out exactly as hoped.

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Taking on Turkey’s secular state

Originally Published in the National Post on Thursday, November 30, 2006
Pope Benedict XVI planned his visit to Turkey as an ecumenical Christian encounter with Patriarch Bartholomew I, the titular head of Orthodoxy. The inflamed reaction to his Regensburg lecture in September turned the trip into an encounter with the world of Islam. And there is a third dimension – the encounter of religious faith with the aggressive secularism of the Turkish state.

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God is for grown-ups

Originally Published in the National Post on Thursday, November 23, 2006
One can be ignored. Two need to be noted. Three demand a response.
In the last few weeks there have been several attacks on religion and all its pomps and works. It’s not a Christianity or Islam or Rastafarian thing; it’s the whole ball of candle wax.

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More than just a numbers man

By championing economic liberty, Friedman helped build a more humane society

Originally Published in the National Post: Friday, November 17, 2006

I first read Milton Friedman as an undergraduate in economics. But I kept reading him long after I was no longer interested in the minutae of the money supply – the mastery of which earned Prof. Friedman his 1976 Nobel Prize in Economics.

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