Preserving wrestling’s Western roots

Originally Published in the National Post on Thursday, October 19, 2006

In a city where the university is 40 years old and many residents live in identikit houses built the day before yesterday, there are not many truly historic homes. Calgary managed to save one of them this past week, when the future of “Hart House,” quondam home of the first family of professional wrestling, was secured by a new development plan.

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Does Islam Need the Pope?

Benedict XVI on Faith, Reason, Violence and Religion.

2nd October 2006
Newman House Series on Ethics and Public Life

Does Islam need the pope? The question is curious, I concede. Islam has its own method of interpreting divine revelation, and the visible head of the Roman Catholic Church has no role in that. Yet I believe that this particular pope, Benedict XVI, has something important to offer Islam, something which, in fact, Islam needs at this moment in history.

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